Helping you with those everyday technology problems

Protecting your family's privacy online, backing up your devices, migrating your emails from Cpanel to Gsuite/Office365. Whatever your IT issue is, we are here to help.

Password Management

Learn to keep track of all of your passwords. Find a password manager that’s compatible with your computer.

Remote access

Learn remote access online, have remote meetings with loved ones, get access to more of your files, join a conference call on the go, or even use your laptop as a scanner.

And much more.

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Some of the areas we focus on
Email Essentials
Take back control over your data and simplify your work

Learn to install email clients and sync your inboxes on all your devices, manage your Google Contacts across many applications and devices.

Online Safety and Data Protection
How do you protect yourself online and make sure your data is protected?

Safeguard your identity and monitor your privacy at the same time. Backup your devices periodically.

Office \ Gsuite Online Productivity
Want a new way to work with your documents that is quick and has less hustle?

Consider moving from Microsoft Office Desktop to Office365 or Google Gsuite. Managing all your documents in the cloud

Data Backups and Software Updates
Need your IOS, Windows or android software upgraded?

We can upgrade your software safely, with a back up of your data safely in your hands.

I entrust Shingai at Onai Intelligence with various IT related problems such as converting sensitive documents to different file types and troubleshooting any email, domain and IT issues I come across.

I would highly recommend Onai to any small business or individual with IT or technology problems.

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Need a walkthrough on your computer?

Share your screen and take us through the problem you are having. We will help you solve it without you having to go anywhere.