How to stay safe online. Essential information and tips.

May 01, 2015

It's never been more important to stay safe online. Now that the world is going more digital, we find ourselves having to go digital to stay in contact with our loved ones.

However, the internet is full of dangers and pitfalls. This is a short guide to staying safe online, as well as keeping your devices protected in general.

  • Keep your browsing safe by only visiting trusted websites, especially ones that are known to be genuine. Start by using common sense when you’re surfing the Internet, like browsing with a reputable virtual private network. When using search engines, don’t use links that lead you to sites that are spam or infected. Make sure that your browser is fully updated to avoid installing dodgy browser add-ons.
  • Run complete security and anti-virus software on your computers, phones, tablets, and gaming systems. The best antivirus software will not only protect you from viruses but will also keep your system secure.
  • Make sure to update your operating systems and devices on a regular basis, especially when Apple releases new versions of iOS, tvOS, and watchOS.
  • Piracy and illegal streaming sites pose a threat to the movie industry, and they also jeopardize the privacy of the user. Avoid downloading copyrighted content from unauthorized sites. Downloading copyrighted content from illegal sites is a violation of intellectual property rights.
  • Teach your children about cyber security and the best things to do to protect them. You can encourage your children to follow the "hide your thumb drive, erase your data, don't talk to strangers" as guidelines.
  • Check your accounts for suspicious transactions and make your passwords strong and unique. Many websites require you to register with them in order to use their services. Although most people do not like this and choose to disable cookies, others need to be able to remember their passwords in order to access services they use regularly.
  • Always thoroughly research the domain name of the site you plan to visit before you hit enter. You will usually see the domain name displayed within the address bar. If you see a different name, it is most likely a phishing site, or a fake site designed to steal your information.


A good firewall will also help protect your computer from hackers. Firewalls are typically software designed to protect a network and its files from being hijacked. They can block all incoming and outgoing internet traffic. They work by establishing a secure firewall to ensure your computer isn't accidentally exposed to threats such as spyware or viruses that might allow a thief to gain unauthorized access to your computer or network.

With a strong firewall, you should feel more protected from cyberattacks..

Some More Hints

  1. If you’re unsure that the site you are viewing is a trusted one, it is a good idea to look at the URL. You can do this by highlighting the URL on the page.
  2. Turn off any add-ons you don’t require. These include Adobe Flash Player, Java, Microsoft Silverlight, and Adobe Air.
  3. Avoid browsing with public Wi-Fi – avoid using public computers in coffee shops and airports.
  4. Download software with all the latest security updates. This will ensure you are protected from the latest threats.
  5. Switch off your PC’s push notifications and pop-ups, especially when you are searching for something specific.

Smartphones have received a lot of attention, but your computer is also an important part of your internet browsing. Make sure you keep your computer's security up to date. Learn the basics of what your antivirus program is doing. An antivirus program looks for viruses, malware, and other malicious software that can get into your computer.


So there you have it, start taking these steps to protect yourself and loved ones online.

Written by Shingai Munyuki Founder of Onai Intelligence & Less Academy


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